My professional career began in Lorca, where I studied hairdressing for two years at the Academy "The Egyptian" and conducting courses in Academies known as "CEBADO". Finished my studies, I started working as a hairdresser unisex in a hairdressing salon in Lorca, so I open my own business in my hometown, Águilas(Murcia), where I began to develop professionally in the BarberShop, my passion.

Wanted to grow in this profession,so I decided to open a business dedicated to training hairdressing, and share my knowledge, there was as I opened my School of Hairdressing. As I continued my education and learning with the best barbers in Spain. At present, I'm fulfilling a dream after many years of work and professional dedication, dedicating myself entirely to the world of Barber Shop, was born hereMARGA'S BARBERSHOP.

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